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The Main Event(s) That Led Me Here

The Main Event(s) That Led Me Here

May 2nd. It’s now my personal D-Day. I’ve now been laid off twice in my career and they were both on May 2nd. Ironic, I know, but it got me thinking about a number of things. I’ve never been one to want (or need) to understand everything, but that’s me. While I don’t dwell in the past, I also don’t obsess over the future. I’m pretty much a “here and now” person and this is what’s happening right now in my life.

What I’ve come to realize is the feeling of being laid off is truly unique to each person – and that person can change how they respond/react to being laid off. The first time I was laid off, I was in a much different mind space as it literally happened the day after I signed mortgage papers on our first home! Somehow, I didn’t shed a tear when they broke the news to me. I think I was just in utter shock. The second time I was laid off, I shed a lot of tears yet I didn’t just put the majority of my savings into a mortgage nor did I just make a major financial decision. Huh?! It’s a reaction I still don’t understand, but the emotions started flowing so I didn’t get in their way.

In the aftermath, I’ve found the words “yeah, it sucks” have been strangely comforting to me and I hope it can help some of you. In all honesty, I get these types of situations pretty much suck for 99% of the people going through them. The people doing the layoffs don’t truly enjoy disrupting people’s lives, the people left behind usually have to take on more work and the ones getting laid off, well, they now have a bit of time on their hands.

I’ve been in the second and third categories and considered myself fortunate to have survived layoffs as long as I did, but it is what it is. I have always threatened to start a site of some sort and now seems to be as good a time as any! I’m starting this space off with a focus on layoffs and its aftermath, but it may evolve into other topics since “yeah, it sucks” could be uttered in plenty of other scenarios throughout life, can’t it?

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    Wow. You better not go to work on May 2nd anymore! I’m glad you decided to create this site for those of us struggling to come to terms with losing our jobs.

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      Thanks, anonome, for the advice I should steer clear of working for anyone on May 2nd from here on out! LOL! It’s not bad advice and I’ll do that if I can manage it. 😉 And I’m glad you’re here to share your experiences with us. We’re here for people like you!

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    This is bizarre as I have been laid off twice and had the same reactions as you the first and second time. What does that mean? You always cry the second time? :-O

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