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What Makes You Happy?

Chasing the Milky Way at Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, HI

It’s a question people ask of one another all the time when someone is at a crossroads in life. “What makes you happy?” A lot of people don’t know what to say in response to being asked this question as they probably haven’t really given it much thought.

For those of you that know what makes you happy, share your thoughts in the comments below. If social is more your thing, share it with us on Facebook (@YIScommunity), Twitter (@YeahItSucks_TW) or Instagram (@YeahItSucks_IG) and we’ll do a happiness retrospective to remind ourselves (and share with others) what happiness means to us when we don’t have to think about work!

(Photo credit: my significant other. We became milky way chasers this summer as both of us were laid off last year! The system degrades the images but I think you get the idea!)

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    Other things that make me happy (and keep me sane) are getting outside! Puffy white clouds (which are NOT normal where I live) bring a smile to my face!

    Looking more ways than one! :)

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    1 pt

    I like to build things. What does that mean? It means if I could do anything all day, I would be in my garage with my tools building stuff!

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    I’m putting my “money” where my mouth is and sharing what makes me happy. Today I got out on a walk at sunset and getting out in the open just makes me feel better. I also like to capture pictures that embody what I’m seeing and enjoying. Here’s today’s happy moment: the view after I trekked back up a hill and turned around to see what was behind me!

    Sometimes looking behind you ain't all that bad... but we should keep looking forward!

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    Hummingbird close up at sunset

    Tonight, my significant other got out of work early and there was a beautiful sunset. He’s a photographer as a hobby and got this picture of a hummingbird at our feeder. I love watching them out the window as I’m working on figuring out what I want to do next… I also remember hearing something about hummingbirds meaning “good luck” and because of that, I googled it to see what I could find. The following info seems very fitting for what this site is talking about!

    Hummingbird Symbolism
    With all of the amazing things the hummingbird can do, it’s no wonder they have so much to teach us. The Hummingbird symbolizes many aspects of life.


    The hummingbird represents living a joyful life. Think of how the hummingbird flits from one place to another, happy and bouncy. Full of life. We would do well to learn how to love life like the hummingbird.

    Stepping Back

    The hummingbird has the ability to fly backwards, an ability that only a few birds of the world possess. In this way, the hummingbird symbolizes taking a step back to further examine a situation. Sometimes we have to take a step back in order to move forward.

    Swiftness / Speed

    The hummingbird represents speed and agility for obvious reasons. They remind us that sometimes in life it is advantageous to be able to act quickly in emergent situations.


    The hummingbird is very light-weight, some weighing no more than a penny. This is symbolic of moving through life with a lightness. Leaving gentle footprints behind us on this earth means to care for the earth, care for our families and treat everyone and everything with gratitude and respect. Most people do not move through life with a lightness like the hummingbird.


    Hummingbirds have a metabolism so high that they have to consume more than their own weight in nectar every day or else they will die overnight. In this way, the hummingbird represents endurance and survival. They are always hours away from death, yet they survive and carry that inevitable brightness everywhere they go.

    Symbolism Source:

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    I am either really fortunate or really weird … but I posses the ability to find happiness in a multitude of things in life. While most areas in my existence so far have not gone “as planned,” getting jazzed about various aspects of the world we live in sort of comes natural for me.

    May I humbly offer some encouragement to you, if you are not one of those persons, in the form of a few suggestions?

    • Look around. Open your eyes. Pay attention. Cast a glance at the world around you. Take a different route home from work. (If you’ve been laid off, like I have, and honestly don’t need to spend the money driving around, take a bike ride or a walk in the neighborhood or get to a park. Don’t use that limitation as an excuse.) Actually look at your surroundings. Notice things you don’t normally look at. Take photos you don’t normally take. Then, carefully study them. Look for aspects of your local area that you never really notice. Really look into the eyes of the person next to you, or that funny-looking dog that comes up to you. Get outside yourself and focus on any beauty you can find. You could also draw pictures of what you see. Maybe you have artistic talent or maybe you don’t, but you can at least try. With practice, you’re likely to get at least a little better. And, who knows, you may “really” enjoy it.
    • Listen. Open your ears. There are multiple sounds you likely never pay attention to. Birds. Cars. Trains. Jets. Voices. Kid noises. Animal noises. Rhythmic noises. Funny noises. It can be quite entertaining. Try to imitate noises with your own voice. Hey, if no one is around, who cares what you sound like, right? Even if you are with someone, what’s the worst that can happen? They think you’re a little weird? Hey, they make already think that, so who cares?
    • Learn. Take time to read, study, watch videos or movies or documentaries. There are endless things in our world that are so interesting and fascinating. You don’t have to take a course at an educational institution. An almost infinite number of free courses and classes are available online. The library is full of more information about an endless array of topics than you could likely ever absorb. Take a little bit of effort. Start small. If you’re not a reader, find a way to listen to audio recordings or watch videos/films/documentaries. If you lose interest, move to another topic. Just don’t stand still. Always be learner. Be a lifetime learner, no matter your age or your situation! If you need help, ask. I am sure you can find someone to help.
    • Retrain. Reset. Renew. If the tape that is playing in your mind is negative, critical, not helpful … then take some baby steps toward becoming more positive. Instead of watching negative news or shows on TV, or reading negative news in the paper or online, read inspirational, motivational books/eBooks or articles. Watch helpful videos or inspirational movies that uplift you and your mind. Transform your mind one step at a time. You can do it, friend! You must do it! Go to the library for books or videos if you don’t want to or can’t spend the money right now. Find a way to take some positive steps inside that awesome muscle in your head!
    • Decide. Just determine deep within yourself that you are going to enjoy life no matter what.
      You are going to be happy.

    There are pages and pages, and example after example, of people who have overcome all kinds of adversity and setbacks and challenges. Most people have some type of challenge, especially in the mental battles they face. Other people have been extremely fortunate and have had incredible breaks and easier roads than many of us … yet, there are many of them who are still not happy and don’t really enjoy life.

    Does it really matter what happens to the “other” guy or girl (neighbor, co-worker, friend, family member, etc)? Only you can decide. Only you can choose to be happy. It may be extremely difficult. It may be super challenging. You may feel you can never find happiness. But, make the choice. Be strong. You CAN do it!!!

    I’d like to leave you with some examples of where I find happiness in the midst of my personal challenges in life (in no certain order):

    • Photography. Taking pictures and looking at photos from others. Lots of resources online! Mountains. Trees. Rivers. Oceans. Blue sky. Clouds. Birds. People. Animals. Architecture. Sports. Food. Plants. To name a few! Even during winter, I have begun finding the shapes of trees to be so interesting.
    • Music. There are so many styles of music. So many instruments. So many cool and different voices. Uplifting, inspirational, funny. (I choose NOT to fill my mind with the negative, hateful stuff!). Words or no words. Let the melody and the harmony take you away!
    • Food/meals. The variety of foods has more recently been one of the things that I’ve taken a keen interest in, learning about so many different things I’ve not been exposed to. Mostly from watching food/travel videos on Netflix. WOW! I’ve even begun experimenting more in the kitchen myself, which is a newer thing for me. With YouTube videos and recipes, why not try something new. You will find something to make you smile, I am sure!
    • Arts and Crafts. There are so many talented people in the world. It’s really fun to see how people use their creativity and skills to make items that we can take enjoyment from and find usefulness in.
    • Travel. Admittedly, I almost never travel. Have never been to almost all the places I read about and watch on videos and shows. But, the beauty, the food, the people, the places and the history …
      it’s really fun to learn about all the things I don’t know about. And, be reminded of some of the places and things that I do have prior familiarity or experience with. I can dream and hope and, sometimes, plan
      a trip to somewhere interesting. That makes me happy!

    I could go on, but I think you get the point. By now, you probably think that, yes, this guy is really weird, living in la-la land, but I don’t care. The sheer variety of all these things makes me happy even when I don’t necessarily get to experience them. I’ve made the choice to be as happy as I can be, even when the negative arrows come my way (and they do!). It hasn’t always been this way. It’s taken concerted effort over the years, so I know it can be done by you, too.

    The following quote came across my screen the other day, and it applies somewhat as an encouragement to you, from a book called Never Give Up by John Mason:

    Never worry about how much money, ability or equipment you start with. Just begin with a million dollars worth of determination.

    Apply that to your current situation, and decide to begin with a million dollars worth of determination to be happy, and take it one day at a time, one step at a time!

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    Reflecting back on what I wrote earlier today, the following is making me happy RIGHT NOW. It’s a leftover dish from what my wife made last night – it’s what’s for lunch today: Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Tortellini, from a funny-sounding website/blog called Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body. Doesn’t that make you smile? Makes me REAL HAPPY!

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    Hi StayPositive, I thought I replied to this last week but apparently I didn’t. Apologies! I love that you’re sharing what makes you happy and ways you find your “happy”. You clearly have a balanced view of life and going by your name on here, you have figured out a way to “stay positive”! Good onya! 🙂

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    Happy! Playing golf until you can hardly see the ball!

    There’s obviously a general theme to the images I choose to post. I do love the sunset as it makes for beautiful skies. This pic actually a moment this past Sunday (which was Super Bowl Sunday!) and we chose to go play golf with my mom. It’s actually a tradition we started after my father passed away. He loved to golf and was a bit of a hustler on the course. I actually suck at golf but I don’t let that stop me. I still have fun going out to pretend I play! Going out to play when everyone else is watching the Super Bowl means the greens fees are CHEAP and we get to spend time together outside enjoying the open air! Definitely a great way to start off my week! 🙂

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    Whatchmacallit...the candy bar. Pure happiness!

    This is a very random one and not a sunset/sky pic! It’s a candy bar and I NEVER see these anymore… I also love saying the name. These are the very simple things that make my day… 🙂

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