How to Bounce Back Quicker from a Layoff

We all know you have a choice in how you react to a layoff. You can commiserate with others and feel sorry for yourself or you can work to bounce back as quickly as possible. Should you decide to take control of your situation and figure out what direction you want to go, here are some tips from pe...Read More

An Open Letter to Recruiters from a Layoffee

As a recent “layoffee” (yes, I made that word up), I’m writing to you, the recruiters, to share some thoughts and observations on this whole recruiting and job placement process. You might think this is going to be a bitchfest/wingefest but it’s not. It’s actually goin...Read More

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – Why All the Hate?

Oh, the dreaded three letter word (acronym) – ATS – aka, the applicant tracking system. There are many alternative names for an ATS: “the black hole”, “applicant torture system”, “where resumes go to die”. A simple search on “ATS” or “applicant tracking system” will bring up a slew of information a...Read More

I, Too, Am Qualified

Guest Post by: Nancy Fingerhood and Michael Lindenberger | “I, Too, Am Qualified” Movement It started from a post on LinkedIn from author Brigette Hyacinth: “’He is ‘too old’ for this job,’ the HR manager said to me after we interviewed John (not his real name). John had been laid off b...Read More

Human Resources Can Be Soul Crushing

As I was developing this project, I blindly reached out to a number of Human Resource professionals on LinkedIn to get their side of the layoff experience. I wanted to validate my hunch that no one actually enjoys this process so I got busy on LinkedIn and found HR folks open to sharing their thoug...Read More

It’s Just a Job. Why Can’t I Get Over it?

Whether you’ve been laid off or you’re still employed, at some point in your career, you may ask yourself, “why can’t I get over this?” Changes at work usually bring on these feelings and most people don’t know what to do with themselves. They have no idea they’re grieving the former and resisting ...Read More

Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ego (Too!) on the Way Out

Ego. Those fragile things we don’t really talk about in the office as it’s obvious who is able to check their egos at the door and who barrels in with them front and center, right? While many organizations incorporate values that celebrate their “lack of egos”, it’s important to think of the more h...Read More

Yes, Layoffs Are Personal.

For those of you who adamantly disagree with the “layoffs are personal” statement, let me clarify that I am not talking about the reason someone was laid off. I’m simply referring to the fact that going through a layoff is incredibly personal and each person will react and respond...Read More

What Makes You Happy?

It’s a question people ask of one another all the time when someone is at a crossroads in life. “What makes you happy?” A lot of people don’t know what to say in response to being asked this question as they probably haven’t really given it much thought. For those of y...Read More

Validation of Your Situation…?!

Do you ever have those times when your gut is telling you to do something but you keep second guessing it? It would be nice to get some validation when these situations arise, wouldn’t it? I can assure you, I am still second guessing myself when it comes to this site, but this is a personal project...Read More

Age Discrimination Makes No Economic Sense

Guest post by: It is a given that to discriminate against age in the workplace is illegal as governments in all developed economies have legislated against it. However, these laws have proved to be unenforceable, as proof of such actions is difficult and there are a variety of ways t...Read More

We Have a Dark Secret That Nobody Wants to Talk About

Guest Post Written By: The issue of age discrimination seems to be on a slow burner. Governments in all the developed economies appreciated the problem and have passed legislation many years ago to make it illegal. We have a dark secret that nobody wants to talk about. The victims, b...Read More

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