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    As a recent “layoffee” (yes, I made that word up), I’m writing to you, the recruiters, to share some thoughts and observations on this whole recruiting and job placement process. You might think this is going to be a bitchfest/wingefest but it’s not. It’s actually going to be some honest thoughts/questions that I would love to get your honest thoughts/feedback on…for the sake of all of us!
    [See the full post at: An Open Letter to Recruiters from a Layoffee]

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    Oh, this will be interesting to see who will be willing to provide some helpful and productive feedback. We’re all ears!

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    I really want to see the responses to this. My husband was laid off April 2017 and is still looking for a job.

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    I recently gave up my job as a disability support worker due to back issues caused by a car accident after trying to get back into the job for 10 months. I now need to change career. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hi Unlucky1 and Zanndee, we shall see if any recruiters or hiring managers choose to provide any feedback. Regardless of whether or not they chime in, there will be a few posts about how to overcome some of the challenges people that have been laid off (or have gaps in their career history) face. I wanted to put a general/open call out there to see if anything else would be provided. Watch this space for more!

    Hi Nat, I’m sorry to hear you had to give up your job as a disability support worker due to an injury. Is your career limited because it’s government work and there’s only one office? I know you want suggestions but it’s hard to give options without knowing more about your situation. I set up a new topic for career change questions and will copy your comment over there (in case you want to offer additional background?)

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    Many applicants complain that they do not receive any feedback from hiring mangers/recruiters after waiting expectantly for a positive response. Not even a negative response. Nada.
    When questioned about this lack of communication and a level of showing respect, one might say, the answer is they have been swamped by applicants and have no time to respond.
    Plus, time taken up by this onerous task would detract from their work with others.
    I have another possible answer.
    They just don’t have the information to provide any feedback.
    The incoming CV’s are processed by mining software on their computers and if keywords show up Voila! If not, tough.
    The list of potential applicants is then filtered through some kind of psychometric tests, again processed through software to come up with successful applicants. Note, there has been no human interaction at this point.
    Feedback on the applicant’s application is just not available or sought.
    Recruiters are basically data entry clerks.
    Many jobs involve interaction with a team of other like-minded individuals to operate in a particular company culture. The software may come up with the perfect applicant, but does that person have the right attitude and temperament to function there.
    Who knows.
    Certainly not the computer. Well, maybe if there’s an arrest warrant out there.

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