How to Bounce Back Quicker from a Layoff

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    We all know you have a choice in how you react to a layoff. You can commiserate with others and feel sorry for yourself or you can work to bounce back
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    These tips are great! I think the hardest for me was keeping regular hours. I’m a night owl. One way for me to combat that was to schedule volunteer work or some sort of FREE class (they’re there – but you have to look for them) around 9AM. That at least got me moving.

    I have another friend who moved in with someone else because he found living in his home in the mountains, which worked well until the lay off, was isolating and made him feel depressed. Now he rents that home out for extra cash. I thought that was pretty ingenious. The point is, what can you do to keep your spirts up and your progress moving forward. Good luck with your search. I’ve been in more than I like to admit.

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      Those are some great additional tips, @TexasEx! You’re a trooper if you scheduled a class at 9am when you didn’t have to be anywhere and you’re a night owl! :-O And I agree that was ingenious of your friend that moved out of the mountains…it’s easy to isolate oneself and that won’t necessarily help matters. That was a good move on his part and is some food for thought for those that live alone (even if it’s not in the mountains!)

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