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    You probably never thought you’d have a chance to rate your layoff, but you do! How would you rate the way you were notified/informed about your layoff by the company/organization?

     Feel free to add your own commentary below on why you gave the rating you did as those who need to do a layoff might pick up some advice on how to handle their situation!
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    1 pt

    Not having the decency to tell me face to face in a private setting pretty much cemented the 1 rating from me! Yeah, it sucked big time!

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    Rated my layoff a 2 as my company has been through layoffs before and we all know what to expect. It wasn’t the best day of my career and I’m not sure one can ever be be prepared to hear, “thanks but no thanks”. 🙁 I was hoping to find a new job so I could go on my terms but they beat me to it. It’s nice to get paid out for a little bit but it still stings.

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    Feels like people over a certain age were targeted so for that I’m rating my layoff a 1!

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    My rating: 21

    The people that laid me off actually said: “you’ll be fine”, “you’ll make more money” after they told me the news. Not cool and I can’t believe they had the balls to say that to me! On second thought, maybe I should rate this a 1!

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    Hmm. I registered a 1 rating as it was completely out of left field. WTF?! Can’t companies do everyone a favor and let people know if doom and gloom is imminent so people can try to mentally prepare? Why does everything have to be a secret? That approach doesn’t make any sense to me and leaves a path of destruction in it’s wake. Horrible experience!

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    My layoff rating: 0 My company didn’t even have the common decency to wait until I returned to work from short term disability.

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    I rate mine 2 out of 5 (1 worst to 5 best)
    apparently mere minutes after stating that we were fine at a xmas party, the company started laying people off. I myself was laid off 3 days before leaving for xmas break…after being told that were were fine.

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    I rate my layoff as 1: It sucked BIG TIME. My company chose to lay me off at 12:15 p.m. on a Tuesday. As I was having a video conference with my HR business partner on another matter, a local HR business partner, whom I had never worked with before, came to my office with a green folder. The video conference quickly transitioned into my layoff and the green folder held my ‘separation paperwork.’ The whole event was sudden and shocking. While I sat at my desk processing the layoff, the paperwork was pushed in front of me and I was asked to sign each sheet immediately. Given the situation, I declined to sign any paperwork before reading it with a clear head. At that point, I was asked to clear out my office post-haste and leave the premises. As I looked around my office at my stuff, the local HR business partners offered me a box to speed things up – again, I declined. The handling of my layoff was humiliating. I had accomplished great things for the company and made significant improvements to processes and procedures, and the culture of my team. I felt as if the company threw me out like a piece of garbage.

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    I wasn’t exactly laid off, more like forced to quit! I felt like I was working in a hostile environment. It felt a little like grown up middle school. I have NEVER worked in an environment like that. Get this- It was the HR Director who was the one creating the hostile environment. So, I only had one choice- to tell her that I wasn’t happy. The ONE thing she did that was nice was give me a month of pay to quit! I thought my job search would be easy. I’ve gotten a phone call about a job every day.I’ve even had a couple of interviews each week and one job offer, which I declined. How do I explain leaving my job after 4 months to potential employers. I’m also over 40 and now I feel like my salary expectations are too high? The one thing I wish out of all of this is that employers and recruiters would circle back with you after the interview to give you feedback. The feedback would help for future interviews!

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