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    It is important for persons who have been laid off, or are out of a job for any reason, to keep your career skill set honed and/or learn new skills. I saw this resource and thought it could be helpful to anyone who may need to boost their skills and/or get more training toward certifications.

    The site is Udemy ( You can search for “free courses in udemy” and find quite a few that may help. They also periodically have nice discounts or special offers to get reduced prices on various types of paid training courses.

    I have recently purchased two courses to help me get some certifications I want and was very satisfied. A few months ago, I signed up for a course while on a graphic designer’s website, and his courses were facilitated through Udemy. I was very impressed and very satisfied with the quality of the functionality of the site as well as the courses themself (which depends, of course, on the quality of the trainer).

    There are other sites, so others may want to chime in with those possibilities. (BTW, I have no affiliation with Udemy and will receive zero benefit from you clicking on their site.)

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    Thanks for starting the topic, SmileAnyWay! It’s certainly something anyone that’s unemployed will need to be mindful of as they look for their next “work home”. I personally am not one to just sit idle. While I made a conscious decision to take time off, I have been working on this site for months. I know my background is in digital marketing and even my own mother assumed I “build web sites”, this is actually the first site I’ve ever built! I didn’t pay anyone to learn any of this, I just started researching, searching and testing the waters. Now, here we are…it’s been a ride but it’s been incredibly interesting and I’ve now enhanced my skills! 🙂

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    Nice going! Sometimes, it turns out to be just plain fun learning new skills while testing the waters, even if there is some frustration in it. I feel like I’ve made the same mistakes over and over, at times, on my website-creation journey. Like, when will I ever learn!

    You never know where your new skills will be applied down the road. Marrying up what you went to school for with what you learned just because you were interested (or maybe had to learn out of necessity to get cash in da house), can get interesting and make for a good story.

    I’d be interested to hear stories like that from your readers, where they combined seemingly unrelated skills or experiences into a legit business opportunity or new job or contract assignment, etc. It would be cool to see the time frames for how many months/years it took for the “combination” came together, also.

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    I’m with SmileAnyway! For people thinking of doing their own thing, stories from others that are making a living in an unexpected way would make for interesting reading.

    I’m sure it’s not easy, but so many people seem to be doing it these days, I’d like to know what kind of gumption it takes to bring something like this together?

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